Water Softener Installation in North Highlands, CA

If you notice chalky residue on your faucets, silverware, and glassware, then your water supply may be carrying “hard water.” This high-mineral content water could also be leaving sediment and residue in the pipes, drains, and hoses. It can even hinder proper showering and cleaning!

A water softener installation can eliminate and remove excess minerals from the water supply. If you need a water softener installation in North Highlands, then call Proline Rooter to hire a uniformed plumber. Continue reading or call Proline Rooter if you have any questions or concerns.


What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a common issue in many households and businesses and is characterized by a high mineral content, primarily calcium and magnesium ions. These minerals dissolve into the water as it moves through rock formations, picking up these compounds. Water with a higher mineral concentration is considered hard, while lower levels classify it as soft.


The hard truth is that hard water, rich in calcium and magnesium minerals, can wreak havoc on plumbing systems, appliances, and even personal comfort. The consequences of hard water range from decreased appliance efficiency to skin and hair issues. These make the case for water softeners.

The Case for Water Softeners

Water softeners are specialized devices designed to reduce the mineral content of water, effectively converting hard water into “soft water.” Soft water is not only better for the efficiency and lifespan of household appliances but also brings numerous benefits to daily life. Here are some compelling reasons to consider installing a water softener:

  • Unlike hard water, which can strip the skin and hair of natural oils, soft water is gentler on the skin and hair.
  • Soft water lathers more easily with soap and detergents, leading to improved cleaning efficiency. This applies to handwashing and showering as well as softer laundry and cleaner dishes.
  • Hard water accelerates the wear and tear of appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. Soft water saves money on such avoidable repairs and replacements.
  • Appliances working with soft water are more effective and energy efficient. For example, the absence of limescale buildup allows heating elements to operate at peak performance.

Choosing a Water Softener

Choosing a water softener involves considering water hardness, household size, and usage patterns. It also involves deciding between ion exchange (salt-based), salt-free, or dual-tank systems based on space and installation requirements. You may also hear about adjustable regeneration cycles for efficiency and salt efficiency ratings.

In short, there is a lot that goes into choosing the right water softener. Lucky for you, Proline Rooter’s water softener installers in North Highlands will guide you through those seemingly endless options.

Consult with Us Today

If you are considering a water softener installation or some sort of water filtration solution for your home or business, you can call Proline Rooter to schedule a consultation. Our water softener installers are happy to sit down and talk about your plans and project. We’re here to provide insight, guidance, and top-tier plumbing service.


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