Plumbing Repair

A lot comes to mind when people think of plumbing repair. It can entail fixing plumbing fixtures like showerheads and toilets. It can also involve repairing the water line, drain line, sewer line, or even the gas line. In fact, plumbing repair can even cover water heater repair. The seasoned plumbers at Proline Rooter are not only experienced with a wide range of plumbing repair, but they are also regularly trained and equipped to advanced tools in order to deliver efficient and effective results.

Timely Plumbing Repair Keeps the Day Going

Plumbing is an integral part of our daily lives, facilitating the distribution of clean water and the disposal of waste. When the plumbing system malfunctions, it can disrupt our routines and pose significant health and safety risks. Timely plumbing repair is essential to maintain the integrity of your home's infrastructure, the continuity of your business, and the well-being of your family, friends, and guests.


Dripping Faucet? Running Toilet? We Can Be Right There

One of our most common plumbing repair services is fixing plumbing fixtures. This includes repairing or replacing faucets, showerheads, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Over time, these fixtures can develop leaks, clogs, or wear and tear, leading to water wastage, water damage, and reduced functionality. Our reliable plumbers can diagnose and rectify these issues, restoring your fixtures to their optimal condition.


Keep Water Flowing with Water Line Repair

The water line is the primary conduit that brings potable water into your home. Over time, it can develop leaks or suffer from corrosion due to various factors, including soil movement, temperature changes, and age. Worst of all, these can be difficult to spot as the water line is hidden in the walls. Our professionals are equipped to locate and repair these issues quickly and precisely.

Sanitation 101: Get the Waste and Wastewater OUT

On the flip side, the drain line is responsible for removing wastewater and sewage from your home. When it becomes clogged, damaged, or obstructed, it can lead to unpleasant backups, foul odors, and exposure to harmful pathogens. Proline Rooter offers a wide range of drain line solutions. Whether you need a drain unclogging, drain cleaning, or drain line replacement, the skilled plumbers at Proline Rooter can help.

Don’t Forget the Sewer Line!

Most homeowners pay monthly sewer bills that cover the municipality’s cost of managing the centralized sewer system. Many people, however, mistakenly think this covers their responsibility when it comes to the sewer line.

In reality, you are accountable for the segment of the sewer line running across your property. Also known as the sewer line lateral, it is vulnerable to blockages, sewage leaks, tree root intrusions, and more. Our plumbers are qualified to work on sewer line repair as well.

Serving You with Emergency Plumbing Repair

We rely on our plumbing system around the clock, and plumbing emergencies can strike at the worst times. Fortunately, the professionals at Proline Rooter are always ready to take your call. We are proud to offer emergency plumbing repair in Rancho Cordova, CA and surrounding areas.


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