Water Heater Repair in North Highlands, CA

While water heaters used to be considered a luxury several generations ago, they are now practically a necessity found in almost every home and business. The steady supply of hot water facilitates effective dishwashing, laundry, cleaning, showering, and so forth. Sadly, your water heater installation in North Highlands, CA is not going to last forever, and its efficiency and effectiveness can depreciate over time.

The good news is that reliable and affordable water heater repair is just a call away. Contact Proline Rooter to schedule an appointment or request urgent assistance today. We also offer water heater replacement and maintenance services. Call Proline Rooter or continue reading to learn more about our services.


Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat controls the temperature of the water in the tank. If the water heater is not producing enough hot water or if the water temperature is too high, a faulty thermostat may be the culprit. Replacing the thermostat can restore proper temperature control.


Heating Element Replacement

Electric water heaters have one or two heating elements that heat the water inside the tank. Over time, these heating elements can wear out or become damaged. Replacing the heating element(s) can resolve issues related to inadequate heating.

Anode Rod Replacement

Anode rods are sacrificial components that attract corrosive elements in order to prevent corrosion inside the water heater tank. Over time, anode rods can become depleted or overly corroded, leading to tank corrosion and leaks. Replacing the anode rod periodically can extend the lifespan of the water heater.

Pressure Relief Valve Replacement

The pressure relief valve is a safety feature that releases excess pressure from the water heater tank to prevent explosions. If the pressure relief valve is leaking or malfunctioning, it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid potential safety hazards.

Leak Repair

Leaks can arise in various components of the water heater, including fittings, connections, or the tank itself. Identifying and repairing leaks promptly is essential to prevent water damage and ensure the continued operation of the water heater. Severe leaks can require a new hot water heater tank installation altogether, and prompt intervention is crucial.

Water Heater Maintenance and Tune-Up

The many components of a water heater are inherently vulnerable to wear and tear, corrosion, and accidental damage. Periodic inspections and maintenance are vital if you want to avoid the need for a premature water heater replacement in North Highlands.

Our water heater maintenance services involves a comprehensive tune-up in order to optimize the unit’s efficiency and efficacy. These steps include flushing the tank of sediment buildup, cleaning the flame sensor, testing the T&P valve, checking on the anode rods, and much more.

We Offer Emergency Water Heater Repair Services

There is no knowing when you might need an emergency water heater repair in North Highlands. What you do know is that the plumbers at Proline Rooter are always ready to help. Whether it’s midnight on a weekday or noon on a weekend, the professionals at Proline Rooter are on standby to take your call and dispatch to your home or business as soon as possible!


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