Nothing is more distressing than watching one of your beloved items fall down the sink drain. Maybe it is one of your expensive earrings or contact lenses that you can’t afford to lose. Regardless, you need to find a way to get the item out of the sink drain; otherwise, you’ll end up with a blocked sink drain. Thankfully, Proline Rooter is here to help.

In this guide, Proline Rooter walks you through some of the most effective ways to get something out of the sink drain. Proline Rooter is a locally owned and operated plumbing company providing a full range of plumbing services, including drain cleaning and drain line repair. If you’ve noticed signs of drain line trouble and are looking for trusted plumbers to diagnose the problem and make repairs, look no further than Proline Rooter.


How to Get Something Out of Sink Drain

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  • Use a Magnet

This is the simplest method and works best if the lost item is metallic (like a ring or earring). Attach a strong magnet to a string or use a telescoping magnetic retrieval tool. Carefully lower the magnet down the drain and slowly pull it back up.

  • Use a Grabber Tool

If the item isn't magnetic or you can't reach it with a magnet, a grabber tool is the next option. These tools have small claws or hooks designed to snag and pull out objects. They're available at most hardware stores and come in various lengths.

  • Disassemble The P-Trap

The P-trap is the U-shaped pipe located under your sink. It's designed to trap debris and prevent sewer gases from entering your home. If the grabber tool fails, this is where the lost item is most likely lodged. You'll need a bucket, pliers, and possibly a wrench to loosen the nuts and detach the P-trap. Be prepared for some water to spill out, so place the bucket underneath to catch the drainage. Once removed, carefully empty the P-trap's contents and sift through it to find your lost item. At this point, it’s important to mention that disassembling the P-trap requires basic plumbing skills and the right tools. If you’re not sure how to disassemble the P-trap, call a nearby plumbing repair service for help.

  • Call a Plumber

If you’re unable to retrieve the item despite your best efforts, it is time to call a professional plumbing service. They have the tools and expertise to handle more complex clogs or retrieve items stuck deeper in the drain line.

Expert Help with Your Drains

Perhaps your drains are slower than usual, and you suspect a blockage somewhere along the drain line. Or maybe tree roots have grown into your drain lines, causing extensive damage. No matter the kind of drain line problem you’re dealing with, it’s important to work with a reliable plumbing repair service. Here at Proline Rooter, we take pride in providing top-notch drain cleaning and drain line repair services to both homeowners and businesses. We are equipped with modern tools, and our plumbing team keeps abreast of the latest technologies in plumbing in order to provide dependable services. Call us today if you need professional help with your drains.


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